Natal Chart



A natal chart is a complex description of all the positions of the planets at the time of birth of the individual. This can be read at different levels (personality, destiny, professional vocation, health). The natal chart must not be confused with the Sun sign horoscopes that is possible to find in some magazine or in T.V. especially at the beginning of the new year.

While the first is a source of information, the latter creates disinformation.

In fact it is not possible for two people of the same sun sign to have the same characteristics. Even people born on the same day, month and year can have rather different characteristics.

For instance, this is the case of Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln born on the same day, month and year (February 12th 1809) but at different times

and also George W. Bush and Sylvester Stallone, born on the same day, month and year (July 6th 1946), but again at different times.

The same goes for people like Mariangela Melato and Umberto Bossi (19 September 1941), Stanley Kubrick and Francesco Cossiga (26 July 1928) and so on.

With the interpretation of the natal chart it is possible to understand our points of strength and weakness, our pathological predispositions, our aptitudes and to reach a greater knowledge of ourselves. If you are interested in your description of your natal chart please furnish your birth data including date, time and place of birth and I will reply to you with an accurate description of your personality.

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