Active Astrology

Astrology, as a subject that investigates about the influence of the planets on the events of human life, is very old. Born in Mesopotamia, it was introduced in Europe by the Greeks. Astrology during the course of its history went through periods of different fortunes, in one of which it became the subject of university teaching. This occurred until the eighteen century when, because of the influence of the Enlightment, it fell from grace as it was considered a symbol of a medieval, deterministic and obscurantist mentality. This subject was brought back into fashion in the second half of the twentieth century thanks to the contribution of the Jungian psychology. The aim of Active Astrology, school founded by the Italian astrologer Ciro Discepolo, whose message I am trying to popularize through this website, is to avoid to suffer passively the influence of the planets and the stars, being able to handle the negative periods and to take advantage of the positive periods. I would advise the user of this website to do this in order to obtain a better life without unpleasant surprises. Thinking that the stars and planets could influence the activities of the human beings could seem strange and antiscientific but I can assure you after having studied hundreds of birth data of celebrities that this is not the case. In fact astrology has its statistic validity and it is capable to analyse events of the past. Nobody denies there is a free will but this is not absolute. Astrology comes into action when free will is not so relevant and factors that many ascribe to chance take over, like when we become victims of events that are not ascribable to our will (bag-snatch, theft of the car, car crash, damages in the house, health and working problems, and so on).

  • It is useful for a better knowledge of ourselves showing what are our points of strength and weakness.
  • It is useful for the identification of our talents and of the activities we are more suited for.
  • It is useful for the research of our soul mate.
  • It is useful for the research of the personnel. Some firms are already doing that, contacting to expert astrologers but unfortunately they are doing this for the wrong reason in order to ascertain if the candidate is lazy or dishonest while it would be more appropriate to do this in a positive way outlining for instance the best working potential for every candidate.
  • Astrology, while not wanting to replace the medical science, is helpful in establishing the possible pathologies of a human being so that one can put in place different forms of preventative hygiene.
  • Generally speaking, astrology allows to find out what are the most auspicious times to carry out certain activities.