Active Astrology

Although it’s not possible  to say with absolute precision on what the validity of a natal chart is based, the possibility of a causal relationship between  planetary aspects and psycho- sociological provisions is a sensible hypothesis.

Astrology is about to become a science. 

C. G. Jung – Synchronicity as an acasual connecting principle ( 1952)


The aim of Active Astrology, school founded by the Italian astrologer Ciro Discepolo, whose message I am trying to popularize through this website, is to avoid to suffer passively the influence of the planets and the stars, being able to handle the negative periods and to take advantage of the positive periods. I would advise the user of this website to do this in order to obtain a better life without unpleasant surprises. Thinking that the stars and planets could influence the activities of the human beings could seem strange and antiscientific but I can assure you after having studied hundreds of birth data of celebrities that movements of the planets can have an effect on events of the past.


  • It is useful for a better knowledge of ourselves showing what are our points of strength and weakness.
  • It is useful for the identification of our talents and of the activities we are more suited for.
  • It is useful for the research of our soul mate.
  • It is useful for the research of the personnel.

Astrology, while not wanting to replace the medical science, is helpful in establishing the possible pathologies of a human being so that one can put in place different forms of preventative hygiene.

Generally speaking, astrology allows to find out what are the most auspicious times to carry out certain activities.