Transits are the so called passages of the celestial bodies through the signs of the zodiac. In fact the planets are not static like in the natal chart, but they continuously move at different speed.

For instance, the Moon returns to the same position almost every 28 days, the Sun every 365 days, Mars every 686 days, Jupiter every 12 years, Saturn every 29 and a half years. The slower planets called transpersonal planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) complete their cycles respectively every 84,165 and 248 years.

During their passage through the zodiac the planets form different aspects with the planets of the individual’s natal chart and these transits can be categorized as easy (such as the sextiles or trines) and challenging (such as the squares and oppositions). The conjunction can be either easy or challenging depending on the planets involved.

My service consists of transits of planets in aspects with the planets of the individual’s natal chart for a period of 365 days, starting from the moment when the service is requested.

For having an accurate idea about what the future holds for the consultant it’s better to have a simultaneous view of the transits and of the solar return, but the transits alone could give an idea of what’s going on in the consultant’s life.
How to use this serviceTo order the service, please fill the form with your data. Subsequently you will be addressed to a page where you can make payment. As soon as the service is ordered you will receive an advisory e-mail that will bring you a personal password. Clicking on “reserved area” on your lateral menu you will find a pathway to which you can access inserting the password. You can therefore visualize the report, print it or save it in a PDF format. Into the SERVICES page, you will find a diagram that will explain you how to do it in an easy way.