Astrocartography is a branch of astrology  that allows the user to understand the interaction between  the  natal chart of the individual  and different places on the planet. In this way it is possible to understand what are the places on planet earth when one is favoured in the career, in the relationships or simply in personal happiness and well-being. It is also possible to determine  places on Earth to avoid as dangerous for the individual.

Two examples of the validity of this technique can be seen in the Astrocartography of Diego Armando Maradona and John Fitzgerald Kennedy. In the Astrocartography of Kennedy,  Pluto (whose symbology is related to death), is closely conjoined to the Midheaven in Dallas where he was killed, while in the astrocartographic chart of Maradona we can find Jupiter (planet of success and good fortune) conjoined to the Ascendant in Naples, the city where he reached the peak of his popularity.
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