The Aimed Solar Return is an astrological technique perfected by Ciro Discepolo, who is the biggest world expert in this field of Astrology. This technique allows the individual who practices it to accomplish his/her objectives moving almost every year for his/her birthday in different places of the planet depending on the desired goals.

Therefore this technique allows the user to spend a more beneficial year in comparison to what she/he might have had staying in her/his place of birth or residence.

If you are interested in this possibility you can give me your birth data (date, time and place of birth) along with the desired goals and I will help you choosing  the best place where to spend your birthday.
How to use this serviceTo order the service, please fill the form with your data. Subsequently you will be addressed to a page where you can make payment. As soon as the service is ordered you will receive an advisory e-mail that will bring you a personal password. Clicking on “reserved area” on your lateral menu you will find a pathway to which you can access inserting the password. You can therefore visualize the report, print it or save it in a PDF format. Into the SERVICES page, you will find a diagram that will explain you how to do it in an easy way.